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Infrastructure Services for...

Engineering and planning offices

You are commissioned with expansion and connection planning for expansion areas.

Explorations and house inspections are part of your responsibility for planning, monitoring and documenting the expansion.

Telecommunications and service providers

You are actively involved in broadband expansion and are commissioning the development of entire areas with state-of-the-art fiber optic connections and marketing your connections and services there.

Sales-as-a-Service ensures your valid and usable data basis

  • We know your regions, your cities and communities. Our local partners are familiar with the respective local conditions.

  • We understand and master the requirements to be met and the tools and systems to be used.

  • We can explore your connection areas and verify the number of residential and commercial units and identify the homeowners or managers.

  • For your route and house connection planning, we provide you with geocoded data for routing, surfaces, crossings, distribution locations, etc.  

  • We organize your home inspections, carry them out for you and fulfill your documentation requirements.

Map ready 2024.01.png

Our expertise is based on

Address validations

Object explorations

planned address points

House inspections

Photo documentation

objects in
House connection management

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