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to arouse interest addressing the target people in the target companies in campaigns


We process the existing contact material from the research in or in the campaign(s) in a multi-stage, multi-channel approach: online, email, telephone - of contact requests, contacts and agreements:

We typically start with an online contact request (LinkedIn or Xing), if possible. Provided contact confirmation is provided, online remains the preferred channel for transmitting information and nurturing.


Alternatively, we may establish contact via email or telephone. It is possible to switch between channels at any time depending on your needs and content and following the preferences of the person being addressed.


The transfer of information and the nurturing itself are multi-stage activities that are controlled by the CRM system as agreed. This means that they usually consist of several emails or several calls.


The aim of all of these activities is always to arrange an appointment - either in person or virtually (e.g. Teams or Zoom). For this agreement we need access to the appointment calendars of the client's sales resources.

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