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Fiber optic expansion and implementation planning

What we can offer you

We are your national partner for fast, reliable and cost-effective fiber optic network planning including georeferenced documentation.

We plan your FTTH infrastructure for self-financing or subsidized network expansion from design to implementation planning.

We use a highly scalable, state-of-the-art software tool for geocoded planning and optimization of network structures.

Network planning

  • We create geocoded, optimized routing for all civil engineering routes and house connections for you.

  • We integrate the results from the potential analysis and the existing infrastructure.

  • At the same time, quantity planning of the required material and a cost calculation based on price assumptions are created.

  • You will also receive suggestions for the Location e.gcentral network elements and handovers as well as for the Locations of distributors and sleeves.

Execution planning

  • We carry out “on-site” inspections for you and document surfaces, crossings, distribution locations  etc.

  • We create a geocoded civil engineering plan including the type of installation, location of the distributors, shafts, etc.

  • You will also receive micropipe and fiber planning including splice planning with color coding.

  • We provide a  complete cost determination.

  • We will provide you with the construction documents as well as the necessary technical input for approvals.

Network and implementation planning We have successfully created for a number of clients:

  • in North Rhine-Westphalia for several energy suppliers and a network operator

  • in Bavarian Swabia (Augsburg region) for a network operator

  • in northern Germany for five communities 

  • and much more

On-site services such as explorations and inspections were regularly carried out and complete planning documents including cost calculations and construction execution documents were delivered.

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