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Find target markets

Let's start with the key message (or value proposition)


Usually in the form of a workshop, we agree with our client on the key message to be conveyed in business development (also called value proposition) or develop it together.


Ideally, we try to formulate the key message in such a way that it can be found in a “speakable” sentence with the following structure:

- Our product/our service…

- offers companies with the need/challenge…

- a solution with the promise...

The marketing material to be used in the campaign (websites, landing pages, flyers, presentations, etc.) is then coordinated or created based on this key message.

This is followed by profiling and targeting


To do this, we first determine together with our client which type
should be addressed by companies - i.e. who is the "typical" target company:

  • are there regional preferences (or exclusions?),

  • Are there preferred (or excluded?) industries,

  • are there preferred sizes,

  • Are there preferred company forms (or exclusions?).

An important result of the initial screening is whether the companies you are looking for are organized in relevant industry associations or similar. This can make later research much easier.

It is then necessary to determine who should be addressed in these companies. Are these just the decision makers of the users (usually C-level), or also other buying centers involved.

And finally, the research


Now we need usable contact details for the selected companies and people.

We research these across channels on the Internet, on association websites and on social media such as LinkedIn and Xing. In parallel to the research, data enrichment takes place using tools such as and snapADDY.


Important: We always research project-related and do not use purchased addresses that are of dubious relevance or origin.


The research results, which are generally initially available in list form, are then made available.

  • in a CRM or campaign management system provided by the client, such as HubSpot, or

  • in the sales-as-a-service CRM system to which the client has appropriate access.

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